Installation Services

The “Build” phase of an integration project is composed of three main phases which are all linked together: Installation– Implementation - Test Installation is the first phase. This phase is the foundation of the whole system. Indeed, bad physical installations and configurations are one of the main causes of failure of any new system, despite the quality of the implementation and the applications running on it.

An installation is the most important part of the life of your hardware. Crucial decisions are made before it can be given to the business! It is vital to be able to rely on the industries' experts to make the most suitable decisions for your particular configuration and make it easier for future changes.

A typical installation includes a site survey from which a list of pre-requisites will be issued. The customer is assisted/advised by our teams on all aspect of the installation, from power cabling to configurations.

FCSI’s Installation Services

For 20 years, FCSI has provided the best practices required to achieve an efficient, robust and flexible installation of storage, servers and network environments. This ensures that new infrastructures will run at an optimal level and deliver the best level of service. FCSI delivers a consistent, cost-effective set of installation services. Thanks to FCSI's history, the level of expertise offered is one of the best, allowing FCSI to offer a wide range of skills in order to assist, advice and support their customers.

All of the onsite installations are performed by FCSI's experienced and certified engineers who deliver high levels of service through their training, experience and expertise. For years they acquired various manufacturer’s certifications to setup hardware and software. This also guarantees the best maintenance services.

Installations are carefully planned and coordinated with a thorough process that involves the following steps:

Our installation teams ensure that the customer's installations are completed on schedule.

By using FCSI’s installation experts you have the peace of mind that you are receiving a certified level of service which in turn will ensure that all the required pre-checks and pre-sites are validated against support matrices that are known to be the best in the industry.

Key Benefits Are:

FCSI Expertise

FCSI's core expertise is based upon its manufacturing heritage and 20 years of operating in the technology and storage industry. Over this period, FCSI's staff has developed key Infrastructure Solutions and the service philosophy which is the foundation of FCSI's business operation. FCSI's business is built on the following key capabilities:

These skills, knowledge base and work practices enable FCSI to understand a customer’s business and IT problems. We can then design, implement, test, service and maintain the right solution for the right business requirements.

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