Integration Services

In today’s technological world, an IT Infrastructure is an aggregation of different subsystems working together as a single system. The subsystems are composed of many hardware and software components.

Typical subsystems are networks (LAN, WAN, SAN), farms of servers, storage (SAN, NAS, CAS), backup & recovery, disaster recovery plan,... Typical hardware and software components are storage arrays, tape libraries, servers, switches, firewalls, various appliances, software tools (management tools, clustering, replication, backup software...).

Because they support the enterprise’s applications, all these components - often disparate - must be linked together perfectly to provide the best level of service required by the business. A bad integration process will be a cause of failure or degraded performance).

The integration service is key in the infrastructure setup and optimization. Clearly a manufacturer is able to install and implement his own software or hardware. But what about a full integration within a global system of many heterogeneous different hardware and software components from multiple vendors?

The integration of various systems requires broad competencies and extensive experience in this domain. Knowing how to install and implement various products is not enough. How to link them, interface them with best performance, how to tune them all together is a key component of a successful project integration.

FCSI’s Integration Services

Thanks to his history, FCSI has developed for many years a strong and recognized leadership in IT infrastructure integration project management and implementation. Each project follows a proven and project methodology that ensures that your new infrastructure will run at an optimal level and deliver best level of services required. FCSI’s integration project methodology is based on several tasks:

Each phase is carefully planned, documented and validated by a process that is designed to eliminate the risk factor that is implicit in any change. FCSI’s integration is carried out by abiding by strict “best practices” rules.

FCSI’s experts will provide you with the best practices required to align and interface efficiently; pre-configured components and off-the-shelf products, enterprise’s applications to meet your key business goals. All FCSI’s experts are highly trained and certified on all products involved in the integration process. Due to their experience, FCSI’s experts will provide you with the best advice to make your system a powerful infrastructure. Once you are satisfied that the new system has been integrated, FCSI’s consultants will provide you with the operational procedures to run and manage the new system efficiently in accordance with the predefined SLAs. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Due to the growing complexity and the technological diversity of the components it is vital for any business to put their trust in the hands of the most qualified and reliable partners such as FCSI.

FCSI’s experts will work closely with your teams and provide them with a effective hand off, allowing you to support and maintain your system. They adhere to change management processes which are mandatory to avoid operational failures or disruptions. FCSI is recognized as a major system integrator working with the leading IT partners. FCSI provides a unique access point for the entire project and its associated support.

FCSI Expertise

FCSI’s core expertise is based upon its manufacturing heritage and 25 years of operating in the storage and technology industry. Over this period, FCSI’s staff has developed key Infrastructure Solutions and the service philosophy which is at the foundation of FCSI’s business operation. FCSI’s business is built on the following key capabilities:

These skills, knowledge base and work practices enable FCSI to understand a customer’s business and IT problems. We can then design, implement, test, service and maintain the right solution for the right business requirements.

Key Partners

FCSI’s key partner relationships with the leading Infrastructure technology companies allow FCSI to extend its key competence and capability to deliver infrastructure solutions that enhance the storage and storage related solutions it delivers. These relationships capitalize on the partners' market leading positions, world class technology, geographical coverage and services led solutions. The combination of these skills ensures FCSI delivers world class solutions designed to meet its customers' unique requirements.

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