Optimization Services

FCSI’s Optimization Services provide a suite of services to help you understand and optimize your existing architecture. Based on a proven methodology, FCSI’s experts can help you to determine performance issues, identify infrastructure weaknesses and associated bottlenecks and then implement the best changes. FCSI’s experts have the capabilities to provide you with insight, health check, assessment, diagnostic and implementation services needed to develop a strong improvement plan for your infrastructure. These services will bring to your organization the capabilities to plan deployments of new applications that may require infrastructure performances, scalability, flexibility, resilience and cost–effectivness.

FCSI has a set of predefined optimization specialities that reflect the common issues which meet customer’s experiences with their infrastructure.

FCSI’s Optimization Services will provide you with recommendations that can help you make improvements that suit your business priorities and the assurance that the infrastructure is aligned with them. Through our experience, we identify underutilized assets or non optimized operational procedures. We may then suggest that you focus on optimizing what you already have instead of buying more equipment or adding operational resources. FCSI can assist in developing your infrastructure automation. In cases where new equipment is needed, we will help you adjust your budget so you acquire what you need while taking into account your growth in the medium and long terms.

FCSI’s experts will work closely with your organization to assess your infrastructure and deliver the best innovative solutions.

FCSI’s Optimization Specialities

Domains Objectives
Hardware & Software


  • Improve server utilization
  • Rationalize virtualization
  • Enhance server farm consolidation


  • Improve storage utilization
  • Reduce data redundancy
  • Provide efficient data protection
  • Revise data positioning & classification
  • Improve clone / snap strategy
  • Deploy storage / backup virtualization
  • Setup deduplication and Virtual Tape Library


  • Optimize LAN / WAN switching and bandwidth, VLAN / VSAN
  • Enhance branch office infrastructure consolidation using WAFS
  • Optimize SAN switching
  • Use of SAN / NAS Convergence, FCoE
Operational Procedures

Improve operational procedures relating to assets optimization in accordance with business requirements.

Enhance processes automation

Validate crisis and escalation processes

Accelerate the use of best practices such as ITIL

Human Resources

Improve people knowledge

Define clear job description and positioning within the organization

Optimize internal workflow

Explain business initiative and objectives for better understanding

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