Server Virtualization Solutions

The Power of Server Virtualization

Virtualization through a Dynamic Data Center can yield major benefits. Every company, no matter their type, size, or place in the market, has similar problems—the need to move faster and keep up with increasing demands.

So what can virtualization provide- the ability to build virtual environments from the small development lab up to the large replicated production server farms. FCSI can provide a variety of solutions for server virtualization. Our experience in multiple server virtualization platforms (VMware, Hyper-V, XEN) provides understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. Services include:



  • Virtual Server Deployment, Upgrade, & Optimization
  • Virtual Server Capacity Planning & Design
  • Virtual Infrastructure Performance Management Solutions


  • Physical Server Migration To Virtual Environments
  • Leveraging Server Virtualization To Enhance Disaster Recovery
  • Backup & Recovery Of Virtual Environments

Why Virtualize With FCSI?

Many IT consulting companies can create a virtualized server environment, but without integrated storage and network virtualization, the solution will be incomplete. FCSI can architect a comprehensive infrastructure plan, working with organizations to create a customized Dynamic Data Center.

RTO (Recovery Time Objective) - how long it takes to resume essential operations.

RPO (Recovery Point Object) - a measure of data currency or how far behind you can afford to be when resuming operations after a disruption.

FCSI's team of professionals can provide your company the extra edge with streamlined process, dependable delivery and subject matter experts to meet your services needs including: solution architecture, business analysis, project management and more. Engagements can be limited to project discovery and scope, or expand as requested, up to full implementation with documentation and training.

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